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What is the process to follow for Australian immigration?

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You often hear in conversation the many “hoops” that need to be jumped through when applying for immigration to a particular country. Although there are always specific criteria that need to be adhered to when applying for an immigration visa no matter the chosen country.

Australia has always been a favorite amongst potential immigrants, especially skilled or professional people looking for a new challenge in their career. The business visa’s and skilled migration visas for Australia have certain requirements that make the process of application easier for specific occupations. The process has been updated and streamlined to address the need within the Australian economy for certain skilled professions.

The process to follow is very simple:

Step 1 – Basic Requirements for Skilled Migration to Australia

Before you continue with your application it is important to confirm that you comply with the minimum basic requirements for a business or working visa to Australia.

Step 2 – Nominated Occupation or Profession.

Australia has nominated the occupations that are in high demand, and you need to confirm that your occupation or profession is on these lists. The lists are Skilled Occupations List (SOL) or Employer Nomination Scheme Occupation List (ENSOL) or Critical skills list (CSL) and Migration occupations in demand list (MODL).

Step 3 – Assessments for Visa Application

Once you have complied to the basic requirements to migrate to Australia, you need to complete the specific assessments for your occupation and qualifications. These assessments will be conducted by the relevant Australian authority for your occupation.

Step 4 – Visa Application (Points requirement)

With a successful assessment, you are now able to complete the business visa or permeant residency application to confirm if you have the necessary points required for Australian business visa’s. it’s important to note here that your application must be completed with the utmost care to include all the relevant information for each section. To be successful in your visa application you need to achieve a minimum of 60 points on your application.

Step 5 – Successful Visa Application

Once your visa is awarded, you would have to get your medical clearance for you and your family who will be traveling with you. Along with your medical examination, you are also required to provide certain character references for character certification.

Although there are many documents and applications that accompany any Australian Visa Application, you will find that the process is designed in such a way to facilitate the fast-tracking of highly suitable immigrants with the skills and professional occupations that are in high demand in Australia.

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