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At Mygration our aim is to provide you with the highest quality service according to our excellence standards. We realise that choosing a registered migration agent is a difficult task in the beginning stages of your migration process.

We believe that the key to your success of moving to Australia begins with placing yours and your family’s trust in a firm that is based on placing your needs first.

We are experienced and qualified

Our firm has a wide range of professionals that not only provide services relating to migration law, but offer a whole wealth of valuable migration expertise and knowledge on assessment criteria for all visas to Australia. Our team of professionals hold over 11 years’ experience in accounting, migration law and career planning in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Spain, the UK, Israel, China and many other countries.

This expertise and reputable knowledge enable us to add value to your migration application while migrating to Australia as all areas relating to the visa are addressed accordingly.

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We know the feeling

We all know the saying about the bald man trying to sell hair growth products?

Mygration team members understand your needs. Why? Our team have experienced the move ourselves to Australia. We understand the hassles and frustration of paperwork, law, and compliance and ultimately the personal stresses and fears that you might experience in uprooting your family to a new land and leaving your culture behind.

The good news is that we are there to ‘hold your hand all the way’. Our team comprising of experience and industry qualified skilled migrants will provide valuable support in meeting your needs with your move to Australia.

We protect our customers

Being registered migration agents with the Migration Agents Registration Authority in Australia means that our clients can only experience the highest quality in service as registered migration agents cannot operate or be licenced to operate without complying with the Code of Conduct provided for under section 314 of the Migration Act 1958.

The Code of Conduct is intended to regulate the conduct of registered migration agents. We are obligated to comply with the Code of Conduct in all matters relating to ethics, confidentiality, quality and compliance with our customers. For more information about the code of conduct click here

Part of the code ensures that that we are obligated to provide adequate arrangements to avoid financial loss to a client, including the holding of professional indemnity insurance.

The key to our success

Our client’s trust our processes, our advice, our expertise and knowledge and most importantly – Our clients trust our Team to handle their cases of moving to Australia.

So why use us?

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