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Registered Migration Agents in Australia

At Mygration our aim is to provide you with the highest quality service according to our excellence standards. We realise that choosing a registered migration agent is a challenging task in the beginning stages of your migration process.

We believe that the key to your success of moving to Australia begins with placing yours and your family’s trust in a firm that is based on placing your needs first.

Our Commitment to you

Agents and lawyers come and go. Things go sour when difficulties can arise. Not with Mygration. Our team treat each other like family and therefore our clients get to experience our personal interest in your situation. This interest is objective though as our primary goal is to act in your best interests and focus on the bigger picture. No migration matter regarding a field that is constantly changing its regulations will be without its complications, however we do stand by our mission which is to do whatever we can to ensure that you are provided with best and realistic options and supporting you and your family through the correct pathways to achieve your goals.

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We strive to protect our clients

Being registered migration agents with the Migration Agents Registration Authority in Australia means that our primary focus is to ensure that our client experience is set higher than the benchmark quality of customer experience. Since registered migration agents cannot operate or be licenced to operate without complying with the Code of Conduct provided for under section 314 of the Migration Act 1958, we continuously find pathways to not only follow these but to leave a ‘pleasant experience’ with our clients.

The Code of Conduct is intended to regulate the conduct of registered migration agents. We are obligated to comply with the Code of Conduct in all matters relating to ethics, confidentiality, quality and compliance with our customers. For more information about the code of conduct click here.

The key to our success so we are told – we build trust and strive to maintain this long term with our clients and our agent business partners and our corporate executive clients

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