Understanding the Australian Skilled Occupation List and Its Replacement
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Understanding the Australian Skilled Occupation List and Its Replacement

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If you would like to move to Australia and become a resident then you need to prove that you will be able to support yourself and that you will be of benefit to the country. The Australian government created a document known as the Australian skilled occupation list, which laid out skills and professions that are in demand in the country. The list has since been replaced with a new strategic skills list.

The Australian skilled occupation list was used as a part of the points system that allows would be immigrants to qualify for residency in the country. To qualify as a skilled migrant prior to 2017, an applicant was required to be able to show that they were capable of doing one of the jobs on either the Australian skilled occupation list, or one of the other similar lists such as the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List.

The skilled occupation list is now out of date. It has been superceded by the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List in April 2018. Anyone applying to move to Australia after 18 April 2017 would need to meet the criteria shown on the new list.

Which List Should People Use?

The Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List is intended for use by people who have not been nominated for immigration by a State or Territory Government, but who want to apply for General Skilled Migration.

If someone is wishing to apply for General Skilled Migration, but they do have a nomination from the government, then they have the occupation of using a profession from either the consolidated sponsored occupation list or the newer of the relevant general lists.

What Other Criteria Must an Immigrant Meet?

To apply to move to Australia under a skilled visa, there are several criteria which must be met.

– The applicant must be under the age of 45 when they apply.
– The applicant must have sufficient fluency in English to be able to work while in Australia
– The applicant must qualify for a skilled occupation that is on the relevant list
– Such skills must be proven through an assessing authority that is approved by the Australian government
– The applicant must be of good character, and this will be confirmed in an assessment
– The applicant must be of good health, as confirmed by a panel doctor in a medical examination

Before someone applies to move to Australia they should make sure that they are likely to qualify under the Skilled Points Test. Anyone who does not have enough points should not apply, since the process can be long and stressful, and the points test is designed as a screening process to ensure that people who are going to be declined do not waste their time with the application process.

What Professions are On the Occupation List

The Skilled Occupation List was regularly updated, and its replacement list is also kept up to date based on immigration and employment figures, to ensure that people who come to Australia to work have a good chance of getting a job and that they are bringing to the country the skills that are most in need.

People who move to the country under the skilled migrant system are tested to ensure that they are qualified to work in the industries that they nominate, and they are given the best chance at success.

This list is not the only option for moving to the country. There is also the Skilled Temporary Business visa, and there are family and spouse visa options, as well as investment visa options for those who are well-off and who are looking to retire in Australia. There are plenty of options for people who are looking to come to the country and who will be able to support themselves while they are there.

If you wish to move to Australia and you are not sure which visa would be the best option for your needs, then you should contact the Australian Embassy in your country to ask for advice. They will be able to guide you through the process, and help you to evaluate your eligibility before you start an application, giving you the best chances of successfully navigating what can be a complex visa process.

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