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March 2019 Skilled Visa News

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Looking At The Projected Migration Program Ceiling 2019-2020

As things sit right now, the planned immigration ceiling for 2019-20 in Australia is a cap of 160,000. The emphasis is once again on applicants who bring in specific high demand skills. At this point over 67% (two-thirds) of the program is specifically allocated to skilled workers. Skilled migrants are in high demand while those who want to migrate to Australia but have limited skills or skills that aren’t in high demand, then this is going to be a much more difficult prospect.

Specific information on what skills are in demand, which industries are being emphasized, and specific information on nominating skilled migrants can be found at the official government Home Affairs site at:

Two New Skilled Regional Provisional Visas Announced

The announcement of some new visas definitely caught some attention. Beginning in November of 2019 these two provisional visas will be:

  • Skilled Work Regional Visa
  • Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional Visa

Both of these will be provisional in nature, and different requirements are going to exist for each one. When it comes to the skilled work regional , this is for workers who are nominated by a government, state, or territory (or by an eligible family member) to specifically migrate to and work in that one really specific region of Australia.

The second one listed up there is for people who are specifically sponsored by an actual company or employer in that specific region of Australia.

Both of these visas do require a test time to make sure it is working out. Migrants will need to both reside and work in a specific region of Australia for a minimum of three years before they can apply for permanent residence there.

These will have 500 & 700 job types that will be eligible to apply, respectively. This shows that it’s not just IT specialists and computer security. There’s a demand for a wide array of positions, educated workers, and skilled workers out there. These visas are good for up to five years, and can make getting a visa renewal or even full immigration much easier so they are highly valued.

That being said, these are new regional visas. Anyone already working on existing skilled visas will not be affected by the changes at all.

Any further questions from an official source can be found at:

2022 Introduces The New Permanent Visa Pathway
This is a new permanent visa that kicks into effect in 2022. This is for workers who already hold one of the new regional provisional visas, as they will be eligible for permanent visas. The theory here is that this will allow skilled migrant workers to immigrate confidently knowing that by working hard, bringing in their skills, and staying on the right side of the law they will be able to grow as they help Australia’s economy grow, as well.

This promise of the possibility of a permanent residence is a lot of security.

So What Is “Regional” Australia?

This has long been confusing to many, so in November of 2019 this definition is going to be simplified. After that point regional Australia will be everywhere except:

  • Brisbane
  • The Gold Coast
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Sydney

Those cities, and the greater urban areas around them, won’t count. Everywhere else will, which will make it easy to track just how many regional visas are available in each area for each position.

DAMA Expansion

The Designated Area Migration Agreements, better known as DAMAs, will help to support local and regional business needs and match migrants with the positions that need to be filled where they are needed most. There are many places in Australia where there aren’t enough local skilled and trained workers to fill all the positions available. These labour market gaps are where the expansion of DAMA will help fill in with skilled workers to keep the economy humming along and growing for everyone.

Older DAMAs will remain while new DAMAs will be coming to:

  • Adelaide
  • Kalgoorlie-Boulder
  • Great South Coast
  • Regional South Australia

This goes to show the major changes that are going to be taking place with Australian immigration.

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