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Business and Investment Migration to Australia

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At Mygration, a team of skilled, registered and highly experienced Australian Migration Agents will be there alongside you through every step of your application process providing immigration advice and working closely with the Australian Government in line with the immigration legislation, resulting in a less than usual stress-free and transition to your new chapter in Australia.

Overseas Business owners and investors seeking opportunities to establish or relocate your business to Australia, must first explore options for the correct Business or investment visa. Several foreign business and investment visa solutions are available for eligible individuals. Mygration can assist you with the application for these specific visas. We are highly qualified migration agents located in Queensland. We can assist clients across Australia and who are based overseas to determine their eligibility for various investment related permits.

The visa categories that you may apply for depends significantly on several factors. Each visa subclass will have basic criteria you need to meet and demonstrate that you fit within the definition of a Business visa applicant. The Immigration sets the eligibility on mainly your business management history and general success of business ownership.

Each set of criteria is based on the length you have held a business, the number of shares you held during the minimum period along with your financial evidence of turnover in this period will determine whether you can meet that visa requirements.

Temporary Business and Investment Visas for Australia – Subclasses 188A |188B|188C|188E

Generally business visa clients who have held a business for less than 3 years and are able to use that to demonstrate turnover of between $500,000 AUD up to $2.9million will likely be eligible for the temporary business visas which are valid for a 4-year period.

Applicants must also meet the required immigration business points and be invited by State government to apply for this visa. State government will invite applicants that have a business that can benefit the Australian and or State economy. Applicants are advised to demonstrate their base net business and personal assets of min $800 000 AUD – $2.25Million AUD. The more assets value demonstrated the higher points are available.

As a successful business, we understand from many business clients that their businesses might be structured differently in their countries of operation. Perhaps you might have family members also as shareholders, or perhaps you may have other types of investments. We encourage you to speak confidentially with us since if you don’t meet the current shown requirements, we may be able to find other suitable solutions that could work much better for you.

After meeting the relevant Australia operation requirements for at least 2 years after visa grant, you may be eligible to move onto the permanent business visas which transition to Permanent residency. Requirements are strict and must be adhered to carefully during the two years after visa grant. Mygration will be here every step of the way to assist and advise on compliance.

SC188 A Business Innovation visa

Innovation Stream: This visa is for applicants with business skills who want to establish, develop and manage a new or existing business in Australia. Applicants must be nominated by a state or territory government.

SC188 B Business Investment Visa

Investor stream: for people who prefer to make a designated investment of at least AUD1.5million in an Australian state or territory and maintain business and investment activity in Australia. Applicants must be nominated by a state or territory government. Applicants investment history and source of funds are usually key deciding factors for this stream. If you want to focus more on lifestyle and less strenuous day to day business management then this is the visa stream to select.

SC188 C Significant Investor Visa

For applicants who are willing to invest at least AUD5million into complying significant investments in Australia and want to maintain business and investment activity in Australia. Applicants can be nominated by a state or territory government or Austrade on behalf of the Australian government.

Entrepreneur Visa (SC 188E)

SC188E is for applicants who have secured or able to secure a funding agreement from a third party (Venture Capital Fund Firm in Australia) to undertake a complying entrepreneur activity that is proposed to lead to either the commercialization of a product or service in Australia or the development of a business in Australia.

Permanent Business and Investment visas overview

Business Talent Permanent Visa (SC 132A)

For Business and investment clients who have operated their overseas business for more than 2 financial years in the last 5 years before application that have held the base share of more than 30% of this business, permanent Business visas might suit you.

Visas such as the Business Talent 132A can work if you can demonstrate that this core business/s you operated can show financial audited turnover for at least $3Million AUD for at least 2/4 last fiscal years before making application

SC132 B -Venture Capital Permanent visa
You must have secured or planning to secure at least AUD1 million in funding from an Australian venture capital firm.

  • The funding should be for the start-up, product commercialization or business development of a promising high-value business idea.
  • It is extremely important to ensure that Venture Capital companies are legitimate and have the required reputation and memberships. There are ways and methods to verify this and we can assist you in this regard.

The venture capital firm must be a member of the Australian investment council. The AIC has information about the venture capital category of membership in its Venture Capital entrepreneur visa factsheet.

Thanks to the experience and dedication of our team. Our team of professionals hold over 20 years’ experience in migration law. We can advise and assist you in compiling the necessary documents needed for an application for a foreign investor visa. Emailone of our top Business & Investment visa experts for a confidential discussion or take our business owner points tests online

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