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Why young Chinese visitors enjoy regional Australia

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While many of us assume that it’s the beaches, major cities and theme parks that attract international visitors to Australian shores, a recent study has found that amongst one particular key group of visitors, this is not the case.

Tourism Reach Australia (TRA) has found that young Chinese travellers (between 24-35 years old) who are not travelling in a tour group are more likely to venture off the beaten track and explore more regional areas of Australia.

This ‘group’ of young Chinese travellers is estimated to make up to 45% of the of the Chinese visitors who travelled to Australia between 2011- 2013.

Tourism Reach Australia believe this influx of independent Chinese travellers is largely due to the information and promotions available on the internet.  “Encouraging potential visitors to use the internet to find out more about Australia, and tailoring internet content and booking functionality towards potential first-time holiday visitors may assist in driving dispersal from arrival gateways.”

China is one of the top four markets for inbound tourism to Australia with numbers continuing grow annually.

The top four markets are:

* New Zealand

* China

* United States

* United Kingdom

All of these countries are eligible to apply for holiday visas to Australia with millions of dollars being spent in promoting Australia within these markets.

If you would like to enquire about what is involved in applying for a holiday Visa to Australia or are interested in other Visa opportunities available (such as Working Holiday Visas or Student Visas) please contact our head office located in Brisbane, Australia. One of our registered and experienced migration agents will be only too happy to help!

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