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Why South East Queensland attracts immigrants

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Sydney and Melbourne are often perceived as the hot spots for international visa holders to move to when choosing to live in Australia, however there is another location that is becoming more and more popular.  South East Queensland officially spans across 22,420m2 from Tweed Heads through to Noosa.  The population of this region is approximately 3.4 million people and covers 11 local government areas.

There is a large amount of diversity amongst industry and landscapes in South East Queensland ranging from industrial through to tourism and the hinterland through to the coast. South East Queensland also encompasses the two well known landmarks of Brisbane city and the Gold Coast.

So why are so many visa holders to Australia choosing South East Queensland over Sydney and Melbourne?

Climate: With an average of 261 days of sunshine per year, South East Queensland is a perfect location for those who prefer the warmer weather.

Lifestyle: South East Queensland can offer a quiet life in the hinterland, the busyness of the beaches or suburbia for the perfect family life.  There is a vast range of lifestyle options depending on what you are looking for.

Career: With the major business hub of Brisbane, many people choose to live on the Gold Coast to enjoy the lifestyle and commute to Brisbane in order to pursue their profession. There are many different industries and opportunities available in South East Queensland.

Family life: Not only is South East Queensland popular with immigrants but many Australian’s are also moving to South East Queensland for a sea change and a better lifestyle for their family.

If you are interested in the opportunities to live, work, invest or study in South East Queensland, please contact one of our registered migration agents based in both Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


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