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Why South African’s Love Australia

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Australia is the third most popular country for South Africans to move to on a permanent basis. The appeal of Australia’s lifestyle, job opportunities and education has seen the numbers of South African’s applying to live and work in Australia continue to increase each year.

There are many opportunities for families or individuals from South Africa to move to Australia with several visa subclasses available depending on your own personal situation.

The most popular general types of visas available to South Africans whom are interested in a life in Australia include:

* Family Visas including partner, prospective marriage, parent and child visas

* Skilled workers

* Business innovation and investment

* Distinguished talent

* Former resident

There are of course temporary visas available for South Africans to visit Australia such as:

* Visitor visa

* Student visa

* Temporary work visa

Each visa subclass has different requirements and can request information and records such as:

* Marital status

* Health

* Assets

* Employment history

* Financial records

Applying for a visa can be daunting,time consuming and sometimes very confusing. This is where utilizing the services of an experienced and professional migration agent can assist with getting the application process under way. If you would like to speak to one of our qualified migration agents, based right here in Brisbane, Australia, contact our office today.

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