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Why people are moving to Brisbane

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The capital city of Queensland, Brisbane is fast becoming one of Australia’s most popular cities for foreigners relocating to Australia – and with good reason.  Normally overshadowed by the famous landmarks of Sydney and the culture of Melbourne, Brisbane is now stepping out on it’s own with many Australian’s moving interstate to take up residence in the ‘Sunshine State.’

Located in sunny Queensland, the tourism capital of Australia there are many reasons why families, professionals, students and investors are choosing Brisbane as their preferred destinations.

Weather: With an average of 283 days of sunshine per year, you’re not going to find a sunnier location in Australia.

Location: 45 minutes from the famous Gold Coast beaches and an hour away from the stunning Sunshine Coast region – a favourite destination for holiday-makers who want to relax. If you do need to pop down to Sydney for any reason your flight from Brisbane Airport will take you just over an hour.

Employment: Brisbane city offers opportunities across neally every industry. Whether corporate (bankers, investors, lawyers); Medical (GP, specialisits, doctor); Technology (programmer, developer, coder); Education (teachers, administration, university lecturers); tourism and hospitality (retailers, food and beverage, customer service); there are many opportunities for employment and management in Brisbane.

Study: Brisbane is host to several of Australia’s top Universities including University of Queensland (UQ), Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and Griffith University. In addition to tertiary education there is a large variety of primary and secondary schools throughout the city ranging from public through to private.

Real Estate: There is a huge diversity of property available depending on your requirements. From waterfront apartments on Brisbane river through to large Queenslander homes in the suburbs, office space to factory warehouses, the added advantage of Brisbane real estate is the price. Compared to Sydney and Melbourne, the amount of space you can get for your dollar is well worth the move in itself.

Investment: For those who are wanting to explore their investment opportunities, Brisbane offers a wide selection of industries including technology, real estate, tourism, infrastructure, medicine, science, digital economy and agribusiness to name a few.

If you are interested in moving to Brisbane, Australia and the opportunities available, please contact one of our registered Brisbane-based migration agents today.

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