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Why it’s important to get your family visas right

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There’s not many people who take their lucky lifestyle in Australia for granted. With the recent turmoil happening across Europe as hundreds of thousands of people are flocking from their war-torn countries, it brings home the desperation some people are going through to get their families to a safe country.

Whilst a majority of immigrants begin their life in Australia under not so traumatic circumstances, the distance feels greater in Australia when new residents still have loved ones in other countries. With Australia positioned so far away from Europe, the America’s, and most of the world the natural transition for most people is to bring their family with them or arrange for them to move here after they have settled into their new Ozzie lifestyle.

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection are one of the busiest immigration departments per capita and with the recent announcement of allowing 12,000 refugees from Syria to migrate to Australia, they are about to get a lot busier.

With this sudden intake of refugees, it is imperative for other visa applicants whom are wanting to bring their family over to do so in the most efficient way possible to prevent any chances of delay in processing or denial of applications.

The Family options available include:

  • De Facto Couples Visa
  • Engaged Couples Visa
  • Married Couples Visa
  • Child Visa

At Mygration, we have an experienced team who are familiar with the importance of effectively processing family visa applications.  We understand that of all the visas, the Family Visa Scheme is by far the most emotional which is why we encourage all of our clients to use a registered migration agent in order for the application to be processed as professionally as possible.

If you would like to speak to someone about applying for a family visa, please contact our head office today.

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