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Why Australia needs International Students

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Australia is a country of multiculturalism and considering the geography of distance from most other countries, it’s popularity with visitors, families, business people and indeed students, says a lot for the appeal that Australia holds.

The opportunities that Australia offers spans across many aspects such as lifestyle, business, investment and education. International students from every pocket of the globe apply to study, work and even live in Australia. However, the appeal and benefits work both ways with figures just released from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reporting that from March 2014 – March 2015, international students have injected $17.5 billion into the Australian economy.

The $17.5 billion is spent through educational institutions, tuition fees, accommodation and general living expenses. Presently there are 413, 000 international students studying in Australia and the Immigration Department is assessing putting more processes in place to protect the integrity of the Student Visa program to ensure that these numbers can be sustained.

The call for an assessment of the Student Visa Program has come from the back of the Productivity Commission where concerns were outlined of the responsibilities of the third-party agents, or ‘brokers’ in recruiting students for illegitimate SVP-accredited institutions.

The result of these unregistered recruitments has seen several brokers blacklisted by local colleges and universities and the cancellation of 7,061 student visas in the previous financial year.  To protect the integrity of the Student Visa Program and the student applicants themselves, the Immigration Department has proposed that it should control the entire process to assess particular elements which could cause conflicts in the application such as country of origin, quality of the educational provider and third-party agents.

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