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Why Australia is asking for a new entrepreneur visa

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Chris Bailey, the COO of start-up company ‘Disrupt’ is making headlines for his recent detention in a Sydney detention centre after returning to Australia from a conference in America. The incident raised several flaws in the immigration system and further cemented the need for a review of the proposed new entrepreneur visa to prevent any similar incidents from happening.

The main factors that were highlighted in a recent article showed how the immigration system failed a potential global start-up company from being based in Australia in addition to the exploitation of the 457 temporary business visa.

Due to a myriad of red tape and a limitation of visa options available for start-ups in Australia, the first casualty of a missed opportunity for employment and local economy has been scene through the handling of Chris Bailey’s situation.  Mr Bailey is COO of ‘Disrupt’ which is a company that allows people to design their own surfboards. He was basing the company out of Bondi and had been in Los Angeles at conference and setting up a branch of Disrupt.

The problem was the visa Mr Bailey was traveling on and his company not being listed through the Department of Immigration which is fiercely challenged by Mr Bailey.  The Migration Institute of Australia also commented about the situation saying the conditions were so strict with the application process of the 457 Business Visa that the process was making it very difficult and unappealing for legitimate business persons and start-ups to come to Australia.

The government has previously discussed the need for a new entrepreneur visa on a casual forum but nothing has been officially confirmed.

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