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Why Australia is a great country for education

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Australia is a popular destination for international students wanting to study at university but it is also a popular choice for families looking at education options for their children. Australia has a world-class reputation for education starting from child-care all the way through to Universities.

The Department of Education and Australian government have worked closely in implementing programs and standards across all levels of education including:

Early Childhood Education: Early Childhood Education has become and important part to most families with  many parents working and requiring childcare services. The Australian government has a governing body known as the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority which oversees all aspects of early childhood learning and care. Many registered facilities offer the official Kindegarten approved program or equivalent depending on the state of Australia.

Primary School: The Department of Education has made it easy for parents to review the educational success of schools in their area through the NAPLAN (National Assessment Program – Literacy And Numeracy).  Every student in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 takes part in the annual assessment in order for the states government to produce an accurate review of the schools educational achievements. The results are published on the official NAPLAN website.

High School: In most states of Australia, high school runs from Year 7 through to Year 12 from ages approximately 11 through to 18 depending on what year the students started school. Students must complete Year 12 in order to get into University.  In high density areas there are options between public and private schools with most schools offering information on their facilities on their own website.

TAFE: TAFE stands for Technical And Further Education and is a popular options for many students and adults.  The educational facility offers accredited courses over a range of industries.  TAFE is recognised under the governing bodies such as the National Training System, Australian Qualifications Framework and Australian Quality Training Framework. TAFE facilities are located throughout Australia and offer online options.

University: Australia has a strong reputation for providing world-class facilities when it comes to tertiary education. Most universities have a strong international student enrollment factor and offer off and on campus support for their students.

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