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Who is Austrade?

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As an international investor, if you are looking for the available opportunities for investment in Australian companies and industry,  it is very important that you make yourself familiar with Austrade.

So who is Austrade and what do they have to do with investment into Australia?

Austrade (the Australian Trade and Investment Commission) is a commission under the Australian Government who works with many different facets of the business, tourism and immigration communities in order to strengthen Australia’s economy through advice, services and information.

As listed on their website, there are four primary purposes of the commission:

  • develop international markets and promote international education
  • win productive foreign direct investment
  • strengthen Australia’s tourism industry
  • seek consular and passport services.

As an international investor or business person it is both important and beneficial to understand not only the purpose of Austrade but the services they provide in order to secure foreign investment.




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