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Who determines skill shortages in Australia?

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“Who determines skill shortages in Australia?” is a question we are often asked. When a profession has been added or removed from the skilled shortages recommendations, this inadvertently effects the skilled visa applicants who may be applying for that profession.

The Australian government receives reports and recommendations from the Department of Employment which then go under review when it comes to approving the eligibility for overseas workers who are seeking employment in Australia. This balance is very important for both Australian workers and industries in the respect that neither party wants a job to be missed out on.

The review is done annually and reports on over one hundred different professions. The Department of Employment is also responsible for reporting on prior trends and forecasting upcoming trends to ensure there is not an influx of skilled workers in an industry that is already struggling with domestic unemployment.

These reviews are the governments way of monitoring employment on a national, state and specific industry level.  If you are considering applying for a skilled workers visa for Australia and are unsure of your eligibility, contact our head office today and speak to one of our experienced migration agents.


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