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Where should you live when you move to Australia?

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When applying for a Visa to live and/or work in Australia most applicants already have an idea on which area of the country they will be moving to. However, some applicants may have a few destinations to choose from. There are many factors to take into consideration when you finally decide on where your ‘base’ in Australia is going to be, such as:

* Available housing in the area

* Job opportunities (& current unemployment rate)

* Friends or family already living in the area

* Schools and Universities

* Facilities such as doctors, banks and supermarkets

* Affordability

* Outdoor living such as parks and beaches

* Lifestyle

To help make the decision a little easier, released a list of the top ten most family friendly cities in Australia with Victoria leading the charge hosting 3 of the 10 cities. The factors that were assessed when complying the list included:

* Quality of schooling

* Housing costs

* Crime rate

* Unemployment rate

* Income

* Childcare resources

* Broadband internet connectivity

* Education resources

The end results surprisingly placed more regional cities (as opposed to capital cities) as the best places to live. Here are the results:


1, Wagga Wagga (New South Wales)

2. Canberra (Australian Capital Territory)

3. Albury-Wodonga (New South Wales/Victoria)

4. Toowoomba (Queensland)

5. Sydney (New South Wales)

6. Hobart (Tasmania)

7. Ballarat (Victoria)

8. Bendigo (Victoria)

9. Melbourne (Victoria)

10. Mackay (Queensland)


If you are thinking about moving to Australia and need assist with your Visa application or perhaps some general advice on where to look at residing, give one of our friendly and qualified team a call. Mygration has experienced staff on hand, many of whom have been through the application process themselves and are happy to help in any way we can.



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