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What is an investment visa?

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Many clients who approach us are unsure of the available visa options to Australia. One of the most sort after visas to Australia are visas under the Business and Investment Visa stream.

The reason for the popularity is the Australian governments commitment to ensure that the process of applying for an investment visa is as streamlined as possible. If the process is uncomplicated there is more of a chance that they will attract the type of international investors that can help further grow Australia’s industries.

So what is an investment visa? There are several options available depending on your circumstances:

Investor Stream SC188 (B)

Significant Investor Visa SC188 (C)

Premium Investor Visa PIV SC188 (D)

Each visa has specific requirements in order to be eligible to even apply so it is important that you research and understand exactly which investment is the correct one for you.

At Mygration we have a team of corporate and business migration experts who can assist with assessing the criteria, eligibility and of course the visa application. If you would like to speak to one of our qualified migration agents based in Brisbane and Gold Coast, contact our office today to make an appointment.

Requel Ogle, Registered migration agent, Mygration Australia

Requel Ogle, Registered migration agent, Mygration Australia


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