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Visas to be issued electronically from September 1st

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In this age of technology and constant travel, the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection announced that they too are moving into the digital age. From the 1st of September 2015, visa labels will no longer be issued and will instead be replaced by an electronic alternative.

The new digital system was designed to streamline the process involved with issuing visa’s which would also allow updates to be instantly accessible by Customs and Border Protection.  Having the visa details stored electronically and matched to the passport also gives the visa holder themselves the piece of mind that they can access the details of their visa online through the VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) system.  The Department has also introduced the MYVEVO app which allows instant and free access to view their visa status.

Similar electronic systems are currently used by several countries around the world including the USA.  VEVO also allows users to update their details (such as passport information) through the service which will again reduce lengthy waiting times and unnecessary paperwork by the Department. However, it is not only the visa holders and Department of Immigration who will benefit from this online service.  Other benefits will include:

  • Employers to check international workers have the correct Visa to work in Australia
  • Ability to check records when they are applying for a drivers license
  • More instant checks available for applicants who are wanting to enrol in government services (eg Medicare)
  • Identity checking

The system has been embraced by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection as it will assist in avoiding unnecessary delays in approving visa’s and people being able to travel to Australia.

If you are considering travelling to Australia for work or study and are unsure on which visa to apply for, please contact one of our registered migration agents located in our Brisbane and Gold Coast offices. 



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