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Corporate Migration Services

Corporate Immigration Services in Australia

One of Mygration Pty. Ltd.’s principal objectives is to ensure that our clients remain compliant with all laws and regulations governing Australian immigration. We assist clients with government audits of corporate immigration programs. We conduct internal compliance reviews for our clients in order to make recommendations for improving processes.  Corporate Migration Services require diligence and attention-to-detail when it comes to recording and reporting changes in immigration status. Our team works with our corporate migration clients through every part of the process including all correspondence between the client and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

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Our Corporate Services

Mygration Pty. Ltd offers a professional and executive migration service which includes our own internal immigration law firm with a dedicated migration practice. Our registered migration agency has a proven track record in providing timely advice and navigating our clients applications through the frequently changing legislative environment.

In the event that a client is faced with an immigration breach or sanction notice, we have the necessary understanding of the operation of the law to respond quickly and effectively. This also extends to any review or other proceedings in courts and tribunals where a sanction or bar on a business is imposed. 

In addition to assisting clients on their migration journey, we also offer services to assist clients whom are considering employing foreign skilled workers. Mygration Australia is equipped to cover all aspects of overseas recruitment including working with other practice groups as needed to provide a streamlined approach to the recruitment, management and repatriation of internationally sourced talent.

The reporting obligations for clients who sponsor staff on Subclass 457 visa are time sensitive and non-compliance can impact upon the ability to sponsor further expatriates. Our experienced Migration team effectively manages these compliance issues on behalf of all of our corporate clients. Records are kept in accordance with our Code of Conduct which is readily available to clients in the event of a DIBP audit or for general internal management purposes.

If you would like to discuss any of our corporate services in more detail or to find out which visa stream you are eligible for please contact one of our migration agents today.

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Compliance Training Services

Compliance Training Overview

Management Programs, Sponsorship Obligations and Best Practices Services

Aggressive enforcement efforts and constantly fluctuating regulatory requirements for hiring foreign nationals and verifying employment eligibility are intrinsic to today’s immigration environment. It is critical that businesses which sponsor workers are aware of their business sponsorship obligations. Breaches of these obligations can result in substantial fines and sponsorship cancellations.

We provide free compliance training to our client companies’ human resources and administrative staff on these obligations and associated record keeping. We also use custom-built IT systems which allow us to assist our client companies in tracking their employees’ visa details to ensure that they are always in compliance with their visa conditions and visa validity periods.

Compliance Assessment

Initial discussions with your business to determine your immigration requirements and how we can assist in establishing or improving your immigration program.

Training Programs

Mygration Pty. Ltd. provides on-site trainings, webcasts and teleconferences covering procedures and required timelines, as well as documentation requirements and proper form completion. We include samples and review common errors to help you avoid mistakes on queries.

We will be at your side in the event of government enforcement actions. Our leaders have experience defending employers against federal government audits and inspections.

Audit Services and Recommendations

Our specialized teams facilitate the audit to identify shortfalls in your records and take steps to minimize liability before a government investigation. Internal audits and remediation can dramatically reduce your exposure to penalties and fines for violations or immigration-related discrimination.


Ongoing immigration Assistance

Ongoing liaison with Immigration and other involved government authorities as required. Ongoing progress reporting for your business and the employee / applicant. This includes tracking your employee’s visa details to ensure that they are always in compliance with their visa conditions and visa validity periods.

Employment Eligibility Verification

Mygration Pty. Ltd. is committed in helping employers to maintain a legal workforce. As more and more countries impose stricter requirements for hiring foreign nationals, employer workforces face unprecedented levels of legal scrutiny. We work with employers to develop innovative solutions that address vulnerabilities and to implement programs that comply with immigration laws around the world.


Business Visitor Visas

With many countries implementing stricter immigration laws and penalties, compliance with local immigration laws is more important than ever. However, incidents of non-compliance are common among short-term business travellers, who may mistakenly assume that they do not require work permits because of the brevity of their stay and can consequently “fall under the radar” of an employer’s mobility program.

Mygration Pty. Ltd.’s Business Visa service is a natural adjunct to our broader immigration practice. For short-term assignments that do not involve local employment in the destination country, Mygration Pty. Ltd. provides comprehensive legal analysis, visitor visa processing. We conduct thorough compliance assessments of employees’ short-term travel plans, including the activities to be undertaken while on business travel, and the nationality, residence and immigration status of the employees.

Mygration Pty. Ltd. also offers an online immigration assessment tool to help ensure that clients’ business travellers and short-term assignees comply with local immigration laws in the world’s most common business destinations.


If you would like to discuss business compliance issues in more detail please contact one of our migration agents today.

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