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Visa Subclass 186 – 187 Request For Evidence

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In recent months PESE case officers have been requesting Visa Subclass 186/187 TRT nominators to provide the names of employees who have completed training, this is to ensure that they can provide evidence the training has been undertaken and to provide completion certificates.

The MIA (Migration Institue Of Australia) which is the professional association representing Registered Migration Agents (RMAs) across Australia and overseas was asked to challenge the policy which required the TRT employers to show that its Australian employees have completed the training.

After some lengthy discussions, the MIA has managed to secure a change in the legislation. The Department agreed that this was a valid argument and will focus on requesting information about the training provisions/provider, rather than completion by course participants.

Members will be and should be advising SBS sponsors that training provision evidence is now going to be more stringently assessed than in previous years.

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