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Visa Review Goes Offshore

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Currently in the waters off the Australian coastline, there is $200 billion worth of major projects in operation or under construction. This is an industry that not only generates revenue through production (such as oil rigs) but is also responsible for a huge percentage of employment in the Maritime industry. Recently a Legislative Instrument was issued into the Migration Act to clarifying the ongoing uncertainty within offshore activity and required visas for both Australian citizens and non-Australian citizens.

The Instrument that was introduced is as follows: For offshore resources activities involving an Australian resources installation, fixed to the Australian sea bed – such as a traditional oil rig – a non-citizen will be required to hold an appropriate work visa, such a subclass 457 visa. A Maritime Crew Visa is only valid for work as the crew of a ship. For other offshore resources activity, it would not come within the migration zone and as such there will be no visa requirement. If you require clarification on what this means for potential Visa applications working offshore, please contact one of our qualified migration agents in our Brisbane head office.

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