US changes Visa requirements - why you should check before you travel
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US changes Visa requirements – why you should check before you travel

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The world is ever-changing and that goes for immigration laws.  There was a recent incident when an Australian couple have been left waiting to hear back from the US government if they are able to leave for their holiday to Hawaii in less than a months time.

In this particular instance, Mr Rassoul Ghaznavi-Zadeh and his wife Hani Ghaznavi-Zadeh are Australian citizens after moving from Iran seven years ago. They have since had a daughter and have paid for a $6,000 family holiday in America.  The problem they are experiencing is that the US government changed it’s requirements on who needs a visa to enter the country.  One of these changes included the clause that if an individual had lived in the Middle East prior, they would need to supply the stipulated supporting documentation and pay an additional $700 for processing.

With many countries increasing their border protection security, it is imperative to stay in constant communication about any changes to requirements of entering a country – even if it is just for a holiday. This is is even more important if you are hoping to study, work, invest or live in a country.

Regularly check the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection website in addition to the country you are planning to visit. Otherwise speak to your travel agent or migration agent.

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