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Update for South African Visa Applicants to Australia

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The Australian High Commission in South Africa has released the following information relating to South African Visa holders and applicants who are planning on travelling over to Australia over the holiday season and summer months.

Each year there is an extremely high volume of Visa applications submitted to the Visa and Immigration Office in Pretoria, South  Africa for applicants wanting to travel to Australia over the holiday months.  Some tips and things to keep in mind if you, family members or friends are wanting to visit Australia over the Australian Summer:

1. Allow at least six weeks for Visa applications to be processed.The average processing time over the Christmas and holiday period for Visas is one month.

2. Check all required documentation is submitted with the application and the forms are all completed.

3. Check the health requirements for the Visa application and ensure any necessary health checks have been completed by a medical professional. Two examples of when a medical exam will be required are:

– Applicant is over 75 years old.

– Applicant is intending to stay in Australia for over 3 months (chest x-ray required).

4. The Visa and Immigration Office requests that contact and enquiries be limited to only essential enquiries to reduce the stress on resources and staff.

If you have any South African family or friends who are hoping to visit, work, study or live in Australia and need assistance with lodging their application, please contact our head office where one of our qualified migration agents can assist.

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