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UK’s first post-Brexit PM announced

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The United Kingdom has been in almost a transient state since the Leave results of the 2016 Brexit vote induced the resignation of current Prime Minister David Cameron.  Whilst there is still much uncertainty across most of the British population, the announcement of the UK’s new prime Minister did help to restore some sense of order and stability.

Theresa May was officially sworn in as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after several internal voting ballots took place in the house of parliament. Mrs Theresa May is the United Kingdoms second female Prime Minister and first ever Prime Minister to lead the country threw a time of separating from the EU.

The biggest challenge the new Prime Minister will face will be the very issue that divided a nation, immigration. With the Leave vote only winning marginally over the Stay vote, the scheduled segregation from the EU and change to the country’s immigration policies has been a cause of great concern for residents, businesses and politicians.

The ‘removal’ of the UK from EU has been scheduled from 2 years from the date of the vote allowing the new Prime Minister very little time to address immigration issues whilst handing the country’s day-to-day dealings.

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