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Tony Abbott Calls To Cut Immigration

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Tony Abbott’s call to cut the immigration rate to boost housing affordability has been backed by the chairman of the Turnbull government’s backbench environment and energy committee.

Liberal MP Craig Kelly stated on Friday 24th February that the government have too explicitly link the issues of immigration and housing affordability as people migrating to Australia is one of the biggest factors in housing demand.

With One Nation and Cory Bernardi campaigning for lower immigration, Craig Kelly said lower immigration rates need to be seriously addressed to consider the housing affordability question Tony Abbott flagged.

Government business manager Christopher Pyne said that the government has no plans on freezing immigration stating the proposal would be catastrophic in places like the Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, and outside of the capital cities.

On the 21St February 2017 the Sydney Morning Herald reported that Australian businessman Dick Smith has blamed immigrants for the high prices in housing, claiming the “huge population increase” is making young families unable to buy their first home.

Mr Smith said “The main point that’s driving our unaffordable housing is about 200,000 immigrants come in a year. That’s five jumbo loads a week that go out empty,” he told Sky News.

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