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The importance of compliance for business owners

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Making the decision to hire a foreign national or engaging in a sponsorship program is one that can not be taken lightly.  With the recent spotlight on cases of 417 Visa workers being exploited by some Australian companies, the government is cracking down hard on businesses who are not complying with the rules, regulations and requirements for employing working visa holders or participating in the sponsorship of an individual.

Compliance is an extremely important part of the visa process to Australia. Without it, there would little control on who is coming to Australia and how long they stay for.  The responsibility of complying to Visa requirements is not just with Visa holder, but also any Australian business or employer who is involved with hiring workers from other countries.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has a number of prevention strategies in place to manage compliance issues such as:

  • Illegal working
  • Identifying fraudulent migration claims
  • Identifying fraudulent documents
  • Failure to leave once visa has expired
  • Breaking the law
  • Identifying visa holders who may pose a risk to national security

In can be difficult to be aware of all of the business compliance issues when sponsoring or hiring foreign workers which is why we have incorporated into our migration service, compliance assessments for business owners including training programs, audit services and recommendations . These services can be offered by our qualified staff either on site or via webcasts or teleconference.

We can provide training on required timelines, procedures, internal audits, reporting and of course improving your immigration program. Mygration can also provide legal advice and support you through any government enforcement actions.

If you need any assistance with your business compliance or would like to speak with our experienced team of migration agents, contact our head office today.


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