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The Business Benefits of using a Migration Agent

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Anyone who is in business, knows how easy it is to be burdened with unnecessary paperwork.  The same can be said for applying for a Business or Investment Visa to Australia which is why business owners and professionals choose to use the services of qualified migration agents and lawyers.

The benefits an experienced and registered migration agent can offer for those wanting to apply for any business related visas to Australia include:

  • Offering professional advice on which is the most appropriate business/investor visa to apply for
  • Completing the visa application
  • Advising, sourcing and preparing required supporting documentation for application
  • Liaising and consulting with relevant Government and migration departments
  • Providing solutions and advice on potential complex application issues
  • Assisting with multiple visa applications for family members
  • Allowing you to avoid the tedious job of filling out lengthy application forms which you may not understand – and ultimately saving your precious time.

There are many personal, professional and financial reasons why applicants are interested in either investing or starting up a business in Australia.  Applying for a visa for another country when the laws and business culture are different can be an all-consuming and somewhat overwhelming process.  Utilising the services of a registered migration agent, such as Mygration, offers the reassurance that:

a) You are applying for the correct visa

b) Your application will be monitored and ‘supervised’ by an industry professional

c) Any potential legal matters and advice will be offered in-house

d) Representation to government agencies will be supplied if needed (i.e contacting relevant departments and government bodies)

The most important factor to consider when you are sourcing a migration agent is to ensure they are registered by the relevant authorities and government bodies to act as a migration agent in the country of application. In Australia, migration agents must be registered through the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) and be allocated an official registration number which should be clearly displayed on their website. Your Australian migration agent should also be registered through the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA).

Applying for a Business or Investor Visa to Australia is an important decision and just like any important business decision, it must executed properly and efficiently. Using a qualified and experienced migration agent is a guarantee that your application will be handled with professionalism.

Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of visa applications, in particular business and investment interests in Australia. If you are interested in your available options for applying for a business or investor visa to Australia, please contact our head office based in Brisbane, Australia.

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