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Sipe N (SC457 Employer Sponsored Visa) Philippines

"I was sponsored by a Company for a 4-year working visa but unfortunately, I lost the job and only worked for a year. I was in a stage of complete devastation when I lost my job, which means I lost my hope to stay, work and live in Australia. At the time that I lost my job, I was given only 90 days period to look for another approved business sponsor who will give me a working visa or else I have to leave the country. The situation I have been through was absolutely not that easy, it was tough and stressful especially if you are starting to count days and you’re not ready to go home yet. A week before the 90 days is over, I found a business who is willing to sponsor me with a working visa. The business is not yet an approved sponsor and quite fresh in the local industry. I contacted Requel, who also processed my student visa and my working visa when I first came here in Australia. Requel organised a meeting with the sponsoring business owner and conducted a thorough discussion on how to sponsor a foreign worker, discussed the immigration requirements, time frame and more. I am thankful and impressed how Requel and her team at Mygration did a phenomenal job in processing my working visa and the business sponsorship. Mygration is very organised in dealing with us and assist us clearly with all the necessary requirements to make the application process easy, fast and a successful one. Their pieces of advice will make you calm and gives you confident that everything will be under control, and this is why I like most with the Mygration team. Now I got my visa approved, I have no doubt that I will get the service of Requel and her team for my next visa application which is the Direct Entry 186 Permanent Visa. I also would like to thank them for processing my skills assessment with VETASSES and proud to say that I got Positive Skills result. If you are looking for a migration agent that you can trust whether you are onshore or offshore Australia, I highly recommend Requel Ogle and her team at Mygration Pty Ltd."
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