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"Be resident in Australia was a dream that became truth! In the beginning of 2012 the company which I have been working with offered me to work permanently with them. I was so surprise with the news and instantly started to research about any chance to be employed legally here in Australia. With so many doubts, I decide to get lawyer assistance to help with my case. The first lawyer denied my chances to get the visa because of my student visa conditions. I was so trusting but I didn't give up. In my second attempt, I met Requel Ogle from Mygration, the person that changed my history in Australia. Requel showed me all the way that could be possible to meet the correct visa requirements and supported me until the end of this drama. Thank you so much Requel, Morgane and all Mygration crew to support me. It wouldn't be possible without your help."

Hedney O. - Japan


Hedney O. - Japan

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