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Australia is one of the most popular destinations for international students wanting to study abroad. Our reputation for quality education and many programs in place at Australian Universities to cater for international students makes Australia a very appealing option.

There are several Visa options available for those wishing to study here in Australia including:

  • Student Visa
  • Student Further Stay
  • Temporary Graduate Visa

Student Visas to Australia are available to applicants from 190 different countries. Although each visa application is assessed on an individual basis, there is an established 3 tier Assessment Level from the Department of Immigration which grades the eligible countries and subjects chosen into ‘risk’ categories.

These Assessment levels were introduced to assess upon that particular country’s and ‘groups’ history of turning into an immigration risk.  The factors taken into consideration for the Assessment Level with the applicant of a student visa include:

  • Country of origin 
  • Courses they are studying in Australia
  • Compliance with Visa conditions 

If an applicant does fall into Level 3 (representing the highest level of risk) they will be required to supply a higher level of evidence and documentation to support their student visa application. For applicants which fall into the Level 1 Assessment group, their application will be much more streamlined since additional evidence will not be required.

With Australia’s quality of lifestyle, tourist attractions and (for the most part) great weather, the applications for Student Visa’s continue to rise. If you would like any assistance or any more information on the application process to Study or work in Australia, contact our Brisbane based head office and speak with one of our experienced migration agents today.


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