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Student Visa Assessment Levels

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Australia’s current Student Visa programme grants visas for international students from over 190 countries. Having such a diverse range of applicants with different backgrounds, educational achievements and other individual situations is the reason that each student visa application to Australia, is assessed on an individual basis.

Initially the application will be assessed and allocated to one of three assessment levels which will ultimately affect how the application is processed. Assessment level 1 indicates the lowest immigration risk and assessment level 3 is the highest immigration risk.

The Student Visa Assessment Levels are determined by several factors as stated by the Department of Immigration and Border Patrol.  These include:

  • Country of origin
  • Education sector
  • Group’s compliance of visa conditions

If a visa applicant is eligible under Assessment 1, this can allow the application to be processed under the Streamlined Student Visa Processing.  This means that the applicant will be not be required to supply as much evidence or supporting documentation as compared to an Assessment 2 or 3 applicant.

Depending on the application, some Student Visa recipients may also be eligible for their family members to apply for a visa to accompany the international student throughour their time in Australia.

If you would like any more information on the Student Visa programme, please contact our head office and speak to one of our registered migration agents.


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