Singapore and Malaysia Property Investors rank Australia #1
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Singapore and Malaysia Property Investors rank Australia #1

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It is a known fact amongst real estate agents, immigration agents, Investment Visa holders, economists and most of the Australian population, that the Chinese are leading the charge when it comes to snapping up property in Australia for investment.

However, a recent survey conducted by a portal of’s parent company, the REA Group, has revealed that Singapore and Malaysia are quickly jumping on board and understanding the value of property investment in Australia. The survey showed that Australia is the first choice for international property investment from buyers in Singapore and Malaysia and the third choice for Hong Kong investors. These results are confirmed from the 2014 financial year statistics that more than $7 billion was spent on investment property in Australia by Singaporean, Malaysian and Hong Kong buyers.

The attraction to Australia as opposed to other destinations is for a number of reasons:

  • Property is still affordable
  • The diverse range of investment properties across the country
  • The support from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for international investors
  • Property availability in Australia’s capital cities
  • Support from Real Estate agents to find the most suitable investments
  • Location closer to Asia than United Kingdom or USA
  • Access to registered migration agents to assist with Visa applications

If you are interested in speaking to one of Mygration’s registered and qualified migration agents about the options available for international investors to live, work and invest in Australia, contact us today.

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