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Several Changes To The Subclass 457 Visa Program

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The Department of Immigration are discussing about strengthening the integrity of the visa Subclass 457.

The DIAC’s proposed measures have an impact on the twelves following measures;

  • Strengthening the Employer Attestation Provision:
  • Training Benchmarks
  • Genuineness Criterion
  • Amendments to the terms of an approved sponsorship
  • Strengthen assessment of generalist occupations
  • Strengthening the market rate provisions
  • Undesirable employment relationship
  • Strengthen the obligation not to recover certain costs
  • Prevent potential for misuse of the English language salary exemption
  • Terms of sponsorship amendments for overseas business sponsors and start-up businesses
  • Mandatory eLodgement of Subclass 457 applications
  • Minor technical amendments to clarify existing provisions

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