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Religious Group Visa Cancellations

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Ethnic groups, entire nationalities or people with political affiliations could be forced to have their visas “re-validated” and even face the possibility of cancellation by the Immigration Minister.

On Thursday 09/02/2017 the House of Representatives passed through the migration bill which is expected to face opposition in the Senate.

Migration experts have condemned the non-challengeable powers proposed to be put in place stating they are unjustified and too broad for people already living legally in Australia.

The bill was initially introduced last year to create a re-validation measure for a 10-year visa for Chinese visitors to Australia, but with the talk on Thursday it seems to be giving the Minister power to impose a re-validation checks on visas for any “specified class of persons”.

Of course, it is in the public’s interest that we consider public health, safety, national security and Australia’s economic well-being as a whole when making a re-validation decision, however there seems to be no parameters in place to assist the Minister in determining a specific class of person or group.

The Migration Institute of Australia said the Bill had the potential to give the Minister unfettered power over who held a visa in Australia.

Original Source:  The Guardian

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