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Regional Australia in need of skilled workers

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Skilled workers are needed in regional Australia  and not the capital cities due to labour shortages in the oil and gas industries, according to Mr Andrew Smith, the Chairman of Shell Australia.

“Today Australia’s economic growth is being driven by Melbourne and Sydney with their diverse economies. But as we strive for a more prosperous Australia, we must increase immigration levels and grow population in other areas of the nation. We must look to the economic potential of our regions and our regional centres. And this is where the mining and petroleum sectors can have a great contribution. As a leader in the resource sector, it is the ability of our industry to make a contribution outside the capitals that excites me most,’ said Mr Smith at a recent conference in Melbourne.

Whilst many overseas workers assume that employment opportunities predominately lie in the capital cities, it is the areas and regions outside of the cities that are in need of skilled workers and more population.

The Australian government recently overhauled the visa application system to Australia to help encourage more applications from skilled workers and foreign investors by offering a more streamlined application process.

There are several different avenues that applicants whom are wishing to live and work in Australia can apply such as skilled visa, sponsorship programs or investment opportunities.


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