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Real Estate in Australia

When moving to Australia to live, work or study, many visa holders will be hoping to eventually
purchase a property of their own to start their new lives in Australia. There are regulations that the Australian Government
has put into place which need to be adhered when looking at purchasing or investing in real estate.

Everyone’s situation is different so it’s important to understand which avenue
is most relevant to you.


Residential property investment

A Foreign Resident (without citizenship) purchasing a property

  • Will usually require foreign investment approval
  • Approval is easier to achieve for ‘New Dwellings and vacant land’ (as this creates more jobs with building and construction)
  • Foreigners whom are non-residents are generally unable to purchase ‘established dwellings’
  • Temporary residents are able to purchase property as long as it is being used as their primary dwelling (ie. not for investment or renting out).

Who is exempt from requiring foreign investment approval:

  • Australian citizens are not required to gain foreign investment approval
  • New Zealand citizens, holders of Australian Permanent Residency Visas and spouses do not require foreign investment approval

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Commercial property investment

Investors interested in commercial property for projects development and or / businesses for sale, please complete our Australian Visa Investment Contact Form

If you would like clarification on your real estate opportunities with your existing or pending visa application or need assistance with finding a property, please contact our head office in Brisbane and speak to one of our registered migration agents, lawyers or licensed real estate agent.

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