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Queenslanders hit the polling booths for 2016

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The Queensland quadrennial elections were held on Saturday the 19th of March to decide on the local candidates and city mayors.  As with any election in Queensland, small business and tourism seem to be the main topics in order for the area to sustain growth.

There were many promises offered to help local businesses grow but also to encourage overseas investments – particularly on the Gold Coast.  Due to Queensland’s size, the state holds one of the  most diverse range of electorates such as mining towns in North Queensland to city-scapes in Brisbane.

One thing all of these regions have in common is their need to create jobs and population which is why the Queensland government itself is heavily encouraging local areas to understand the opportunities available through international investors.

However it will be up to the local representatives to approach their regional and state collegues to discuss their specific benefits and opportunities in pursuing international investors. This recent election in Queensland has seen a lot of candidates return to their existing electorates in addition to a few upsets of new members being elected in.



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