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Queensland Makes Moves to Become More Popular

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The state of Queensland has lost her crown as the most popular Australian state to live in with Western Australia taking the throne with an annual growth rate 3.1 per cent over the last quarter.

With its amazing beaches and hospitable weather, the ‘Sunshine State’ is having to pull out the big guns to clamber back on top of the population ladder with a New Strategic Plan due for release at the end 2014 by the government. The main issue that is being addressed is Queensland’s actual size and the extended metropolitan area with four major cities spanning from Coolangatta to Noosa, spread over 240 kilometres.

The New Strategic Plan will be addressing several issues to assist in making the state of Queensland more migrant friendly. Annually, there are approximately 75,000 people moving to Queensland, 30,000 of which are from overseas. The Newman and Abbott governments have recognized with more than 70 per cent of these new Queenslanders residing in the South East pocket of the state, there is a massive opportunity to increase the population in regional areas of Queensland through immigrants and refugees. The government is providing incentives for persons who are planning to immigrate to Australia through ensuring that less red tape applies if they apply under any of the regional area sponsored visas. (RSMS visas Australia)

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman acknowledged the discussions between the governments about developing a quota system which would require persons who intend to migrate to Australia and refugees to live in a predetermined city such as Rockhampton, Cairns or Townsville as part of their visa and residency conditions. “I have already had a discussion with the Federal Immigration Minister and we will work on some sort of plan or policy together to try and get people to go as immigrants and refugees to regional Queensland.”

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