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Queensland a popular destination for business travellers

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With its famous weather, beaches and high-risers, it comes as no surprise that Queensland is becoming one of the biggest destinations for business travellers. A recent report released by Tourism Research Australia revealed that a surge in visitors to the Sunshine State is largely thanks to those travelling for business rather than pleasure.

As of the last financial year, 4.4 million people travelled to Queensland for the purpose of business bringing with them a $2.2 billion injection into the states economy.  The business sector has always been a lucrative market for Australia with both domestic and international visitors contributing to the steady influx of numbers to Queensland.

The primary destinations within Queensland for the business travellers are:

  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Sunshine Coast
  • North Queensland

Anyone who has recently visited any of these destinations or lives there, can attest that the growth and development of these regions never seems to stop.  The Gold Coast in particular is under the microscope with the pending 2018 Commonwealth Games giving many projects a jump start.  Infrastructure such as the Light Rail System, new Gold Coast University Hospital, extensions to Griffith University and road upgrades – are just a few of the changes that are adding value to the area in general for visitors.

As well as business visitors, Queensland is also an area of interest for many international investors.  With many government incentives for overseas investors to invest in Australian based travel companies, retail companies and real estate businesses, in addition the abundance of real estate and property prices makes Queensland a very attractive destination for work, play and investment.

If you are interested in the opportunities available in Queensland through the Investor Schemes and business visa scheme, please contact our head office today and speak to one of our registered migration agents.


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