Provisional Visa applicants to contribute to Victorian economy
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Provisional Visa applicants to contribute to Victorian economy

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There have been a lot of requirements and changes come through the immigration department of the state of Victoria.  With the states of Australia running separately from each other across a number of different visa schemes, the Victorian government is ensuring that it’s visa schemes and applicants are benefiting the state through industry, experience, trade and economy.

There have been particular points of interest for the Victorian government in regards to immigration and through careful planning, the state is ensuring that the processes involved for both the application process and continuing dealings with Australia business is in the best interest of the state.

Some of these guidelines include:

  • Demonstration of export value from export businesses who are working directly with Victorian produced goods and services
  • Proof of expansion or intent to expand export markets
  • Provisional visa applicants demonstrating their intended contribution to the state economy through exports, business financing, investing in Victorian businesses etc.
  • Applicants hoping to receive a nomination by the Victorian government for the Business Investor Visa must contribute a $1.5 million investment to the Treasury Corporation of Victoria.

There are many other stipulations noted in a recent media release.  If you are wanting to apply for a visa to live and work in Victoria and would like assistance from one of our registered migration agents, please contact our head office today.


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