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Mygration Pty Ltd has a wide range of professionals who not only provide services relating to migration law, but offer valuable expertise and knowledge relating to various assessment criteria for all visas to Australia.

Our team of professionals hold over 20 years’ experience in accounting, law, migration law and career planning in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Spain and many other countries.


Requel Ogle

Business & Investment Visa Stakeholder Relations

Requel has an extensive experience in migration, project management and business investment opportunities in Australia. She is the overall in-charge of managing and monitoring stakeholder engagement plans for Mygration, managing communication to and from stakeholders, writing and co-ordinating briefings and managing events and presentations for business investment opportunities. She builds and lead the Mygration team to work collaboratively towards achieving the Company’s goals.

She also leads the development and implementation of stakeholder management strategies and implement strategic information campaigns to promote business investment opportunities in Australia. As an experienced stakeholder relations manager, she provides valuable advice to project managers and potential investors on managing complex visas and sensitive issues when settling and investing  in Australia.


David Gross

Finance & Accounts Director

David Gross is the Finance & Accounts Director at Mygration Pty Ltd. As a Co-Founder, David has experience in the areas of migration financial practice but particularly manages and advises in business accounts and finance areas.

David has extensive experience in financial management as a successful leader and dynamic reformer of businesses in Australia and overseas.  He has overall control and responsibility for all financial aspects of Mygration strategy and proficient in analysing figures and implementing recommendations based on his findings, with the most profitable outcomes.

He also manages and leads the Mygration team through difficult periods including month end, year end and annual budgeting, he has an excellent communication skills with all levels of staff, often having to work with various departments of Mygration to help them plan and manage their own budgets.


Catherine Coleman

Senior Lawyer

Registered Migration Agent MARN 0961462

Catherine is our resident Senior Lawyer with vast experience in Immigration law spanning over 10 years.

Catherine is a true advocate and strives for perfection.  She understands that her client’s visa and migration goals are one of the most important things happening in their lives and that the processes can be stressful, long and arduous.

You can be confident that Catherine will fight for you and seek out the best visa pathway for you to migrate to Australia.  She is particularly interested in complex and challenging cases, appeals, and health and character matters.


Gan Jin

Client Relations Manager


Marija Licina

Registered Migration Agent MARN 1685925

Marija is a passionate and people oriented Registered Migration Agent. Migrating as a permanent resident with her family when she was a young girl, Marija understands the visa process both from a migration law perspective and the personal experiences faced by applicants.

Marija will be able to assist you with Employer sponsored visa pathways such as the 457, ENS and RSMS visas.


Nancy Liu

Registered Migration Agent MARN 1791915

Nancy is responsible for providing Mygration clients with advice and guidance on how best to obtain required documentation to migrate internationally and how to complete the process smoothly. She works within strict timelines and communicate with authorities and the client consistently to achieve efficient results. Ms. Nancy has a strong understanding of border control procedures as well as any related legislation.

Nancy speaks Mandarin and will be able to assist you with all types of Family visas.


Michelle Kinnear

Office Manager and Executive Assistant

Michelle Kinnear is an excellent communicator and administrator. With extensive experience in corporate management, Michelle thrives in creating an engaged culture with the dedicated professionals at Mygration Pty Ltd.

Michelle is passionate about customer service and ensuring that all clients of Mygration Pty Ltd. are looked after relating to logistics.  Her role allows her to broaden her knowledge in best workplace practice overseeing the implementation of these initiatives through all areas of the business. She is also responsible for managing third party relations and business collaboration such as schools, colleges and businesses


Celeste Khan

Client Services

Celeste is the overall in-charge of developing, managing and monitoring the Management Information System (MIS) service process for Mygration’s client community. She is responsible of acting as quality assurance manager for the client, creating and maintaining service level agreements that support the allocation model and acting as a liaison to clients to provide support to their migration queries.

She also maintains business contacts and liaison with outside groups and professional associations in order to keep the company abreast of advancements/developments in the migration industry.

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