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Mygration Pty Ltd has a wide range of professionals who not only provide services relating to migration law, but offer valuable expertise and knowledge relating to various assessment criteria for all visas to Australia.

Our team of professionals hold over 11 years’ experience in accounting, law, migration law and career planning in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Spain and many other countries.


Ms. Requel Ogle

Managing Director & Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 1279892)

Ms. Requel Ogle is the Managing Director, Senior Partner and CEO of Mygration Pty Ltd. She is originally from Durban, South Africa and now holds both South African and dual Australian citizenship.

Requel has worked for numerous professional agencies including her own in South Africa for a period of 11 years specialising in Corporate Relocations and Migration. Her offshore ventures took her to the most Southern part – namely the Immigration Department for the New Zealand Government.

It was at this stage, she made the decision to move her family to Australia. The cold weather in New Zealand was a deal breaker. She and her co-founder David Gross (Financial Director and senior partner) used the opportunity to establish and create her own migration firm, Mygration Pty Ltd in sunny Queensland with headquarters in both Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

More about Requel

Requel has over 15 years’ significant experience in all areas of migration system. She became a professional member of Australian Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) as a Registered Migration Agent in 2012 and a Member of the Migration Institute Australia (MIA) in compliance with Australian Migration Law.  She directs and ensures smooth coordination of her entire organisation including her team of qualified and Registered Migration Agents. This team successfully manage client matters relating to visa applications for High Net worth clients, delivering ethical migration practices under the Code of Conduct.

Mygration Pty Ltd.’s head office is located on the Gold Coast with offices located in Brisbane, Pacific Pines and Southport. Through strategic alliances, she has set up global partnerships and offshore representations for Mygration. To date Mygration has offshore locations and representations in Israel, United Kingdom, China, South Africa, Philippines and Australia. She works closely with some of our blue chip clients in relation to providing strategic business investment planning in accordance with Australian legislative and immigration framework. Her expertise extends to handling a full range of immigration law matters including visa applications, visa cancellation and compliance matters, and reviews to the migration review tribunal.

Requel takes a holistic approach to the overseas immigration and relocation process, specifically looking at ways to educate clients in order to reduce issues faced by sponsors and visa applicants moving to Australia. 

She has extensively assisted overseas clients to set up their businesses under the Australian business migration visa scheme which provides all newcomers with a bright future in Australia. She is currently undertaking significant compliance projects for state government departments, multinational organisations and complying investment providers under the Australian Significant Investment Visa schemes. This also covers other permanent business pathways.

Requel has been responsible for the development and implementation of Australian migration programs to advice, guide and plan ongoing training requirements for Australian businesses and has travelled overseas to conduct international skilled migration exposure for Australia. This has been co-ordinated through events or campaigns with offshore clients to assess visa suitability of candidates from a number of countries. Requel has presented key notes at a number of seminars that include South Africa, New Zealand, and All states in Australia, Spain and excitingly for the first time in the UAE.

She is passionate about Australia and the unique position Australia has in the world. She gets great pleasure assisting clients making this country their home.

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Mr. David Gross

Partner, Finance & Accounts Director

Mr. David Gross is a Finance & Accounts Director at Mygration Pty Ltd. As a Co-Founder, David has experience in the areas of migration financial practice but particularly manages and advises in business accounts and finance area.

David has extensive experience in financial management as a successful leader and dynamic reformer at businesses in Australia and overseas.

More about David

David liaises with a wide range of professional service providers such as financial planners, fund managers and professional associations to maintain client relations and compliance.

His skills set is focused on managing Mygration’s company’s budget and financial forecasting which includes examining, reporting and forecasting expenses to the business and revenue within the staff’s contributions.

David has a strong focus to attract and develop talented individuals and teams for the Mygration agency. His experience and knowledge within the migration and financial industries has resulted in building and maintaining a highly engaged and capable workforce.

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Catherine Coleman

Catherine Coleman

Principal Lawyer

Catherine is an outstanding ethical and transparent lawyer. Her service offerings span from small to medium as well as large clients requiring specialist advice on migration.

Marija Lucina

Marija Licina

Registered Migration Agent MARN 1685925

Marija is a passionate and people oriented Registered Migration Agent. Migrating as a permanent resident with her family when she was a young girl, Marija understands the visa process both from a migration law perspective and the personal experiences faced by applicants.

Marija will be able to assist you with Employer sponsored visa pathways such as the 457, ENS and RSMS visas.

Michelle Kinnear

Michelle Kinnear

Office Manager and Executive Assistant

Ms. Michelle Kinnear is an excellent communicator and administrator. With extensive experience in corporate management, Michelle thrives in creating an engaged culture with the dedicated professionals at Mygration Pty Ltd.

More about Michelle

Michelle’s unique background has allowed her to transition her expertise to the immigration industry allowing her to fully grasp the complexity and operations of an Immigration Practice. She has contributed to the growth of Mygration Pty Ltd. through her role in recruitment, administration management, IT issues, finance and involvement in streamlining our professional services for our internal and external clients.

Michelle is passionate about customer service and ensuring that all clients of Mygration Pty Ltd. are looked after relating to logistics.  Her role allows her to broaden her knowledge in best workplace practice overseeing the implementation of these initiatives through all areas of the business. She is also responsible for managing third party relations and business collaboration such as schools, colleges and businesses

In line with our values of innovation, passion and respect amongst our team, Michelle encourages and monitors that all within our organization maintain a high level of engagement within and remaining focused in contributing to our business direction for growth through “striving for excellence”.

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celeste khan new

Celeste Khan


Mr. Gil Gibri (Israel)

Managing Director and Client Relations Manager Israel

Mr. Gil Gibri is Managing Director and Client Relations Manager for Israel at Mygration Pty Ltd.

Gil is responsible for designing immigration solutions for potential clients and for developing and maintaining International corporate client relationships in Israel.

More about Gil

Gil manages client relationships to encourage and promote investment and educational opportunities for Australia. His primary involvement as a Mygration team member is to develop connections and relationships in our Israeli Branch in addition to extending growth in the European market. 

His Experience in various parts of the world with Expertise in Overseas Education, Immigration programs, Counselling, Customer Relationship Management, Integrated Marketing Communication and Business Development performing with unwavering quality standards within the Israeli Stakeholders.

Gil has extensive experience in business development and has a primary focus on maintaining professional relations with all Mygration Pty Ltd stakeholders and developing all offshore referral partners, particularly focusing on Israeli stakeholders.

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