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Ooh La La! The French are Coming!

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Last year the Department of Immigration released figures showing a 50 per cent increase over the past 5 years in Working Visa applications to Australia from the French. Australian Immigration also noted an increase of 8.4 per cent of Working Holiday Maker Visas granted to 20, 086 French visitors. Mr. Cedric Barusseau of Paris, France became aware of this French fascination with Australia which drove him to organise the ‘G’day Sunday’ event held at the popular Australian themed bar, Oz Café in Paris and he had no hesitation about naming the major draw card to the land Down Under. “Sydney of course, it’s always Sydney, the Opera House and these things. At the beginning they just want to get to Australia and all they know is Sydney and kangaroos and Uluru and that’s all. After, when they take more information, they discover other parts of the country. They go to Sydney first then move about the country to other cities.” This proved true to Daphne Gonzales and her young family who made the move to Sydney from Paris several years ago, before finally settling down on the Gold Coast. “It was the lifestyle and opportunities that drew us to Australia.

The weather is also just amazing and we have made so many wonderful friends. We also have a lot of French friends both in Sydney and Brisbane so it’s very difficult to get homesick.” The opportunities for work seem to be an important factor with the French economy in quite a miserable state. Mr. Barusseau had noticed a definite increase in the interest of finding work in Australia because of the limited employment opportunities available in their home country. ”There is still a lot of different people, but mostly those aged early 20s, perhaps just finished university or taking a break of one year between degree years and a lot of people who simply can’t find jobs in France and they think it easier in Australia so want to try.” If you are interested in visiting, working or living in Australia, please contact one of our qualified and professional migration agents in Brisbane, Australia for the best advice on which Visa is appropriate for you and/or your family.

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