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On A Bridging Visa And Have Travel Plans?

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So, you’ve just lodged your 187 Visa and now you find yourself holding a Bridging Visa A (BVA).
Its leading up to the holiday season and you figure, you deserved it and decide to go to Fiji for a bit of sun and relaxation.
Maybe it’s time to visit loved ones back home and you decide to go for it. After all you’ve got a long wait for your visa to be decided and the office is shut over the holiday period.

But before you book your airline ticket have a look at your BVA Grant Notice:

Travel Facility No Travel

The last thing you want is having to worry about not being able to come back into Australia after that well-deserved break. Many people only find out at the airport as they are trying to check in that they do not have a valid visa to come back. This can mean waiting in your home country for your visa to be decided.

A simple solution would have been to call your agent and get them to apply for a Bridging Visa B. It allows you to travel, stay a while and then return to Australia without a drama. It is not automatically granted. You must apply for it and it attracts a certain fee.
Once you have been granted a BVB, the specified travel period cannot be changed or extended.

When deciding the duration of your travel period on your BVB, the DIBP will consider your reasons for travel and when your substantive visa application is likely to be decided.
You should call us no more than three months before you intend to travel and no less than 2 weeks before the trip so we can ensure you get your visa and go on your holiday and most importantly come back without a hitch.

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