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Non-Contributory Parent Visa Applications are Now Open!

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In May this year we reported on the decision from the Federal Government’s budget cuts, that a number of family Visa applications were no longer going to be processed and all future applications would be closed.
Two weeks ago we received the news that we were all hoping for. A Disallowance Notice had been passed through parliament and the following Visa applications have been re-opened:

Non-contributory Parent Visa (SC 103)
Remaining Relative Visa temporary and Permanent(SC 115) (SC 835)
Carer (SC 116)(SC 836) and Aged Dependent Visa (SC 114)(SC 838)
Throughout the successful approval of the Notice, Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Senator Cash, acknowledged the issue of the current 25 year waiting period for the Parent Visa application. The Migration Institute of Australia are currently discussing this long processing time frame with the Minister.

If you would like to begin the process of lodging a Visa application for a family member, please contact one of our fully registered migration agents today who will be able to assist.

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