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ACT Announces Criteria Change For Limited Occupations

At the beginning of October the ACT Small Business and Skills Department confirmed with registered Australian migration agents that the guidelines and criteria have been revised for what was previously listed as ‘Limited’ in The ACT Occupation List for the Skilled Nominated (190) Visa. As of the 1st October 2014, that the ‘Limited’ occupations is…

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Australia’s Work-Travel Visa Deal Confirmed with Israel

Australia is following in the footsteps of New Zealand, Germany and South Korea with the governments recent agreement with Israel releasing 500 work-travel Visas allowing young Israeli residents to work and travel around Australia for one year. The Visa (subclass 462) is a mutually beneficial agreement with Israel reciprocating the offer for young Australian citizens…

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Non-Contributory Parent Visa Applications are Now Open!

In May this year we reported on the decision from the Federal Government’s budget cuts, that a number of family Visa applications were no longer going to be processed and all future applications would be closed. Two weeks ago we received the news that we were all hoping for. A Disallowance Notice had been passed…

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Massive Volume of Applications Causes a Pause in ICT Visas

The Victorian Government has been forced to deal with the extremely high number of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Skilled Nominations by temporarily pausing any new applications until the backlog of existing applications has been processed. This process is not uncommon when a specific field, industry or Visa comes into high demand. This closure for…

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Australia Updates Intercountry Adoption Law

International adoption and surrogacy has been a hot topic in the media of late. There has been speculation that the Intercountry surrogacy laws are under review while earlier this week a confirmed update to the existing Family Law Regulations was passed through with several countries mentioned. South Korea and the People’s Republic of China are…

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Medical Assessments for Visa Applicants

As of the 28th of July, private health insurer, Bupa has been confirmed through a recent revocation of Medibank Australia as the official health service provider that can provide medical assessments to Australian visa applicants. The tender was won through the Department of Immigration and Border Protection with a three year agreement in place with…

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Home Sweet Home

You’ve just had your Visa approved for Australia. You’ve got a great job organised in Brisbane, found a good school for the kids now it’s time to find your new home. But houses are expensive in Australia aren’t they? Not necessarily. A recent Index compiled by the Housing Industry Association (HIA) has revealed that housing…

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Visa Review Goes Offshore

Currently in the waters off the Australian coastline, there is $200 billion worth of major projects in operation or under construction. This is an industry that not only generates revenue through production (such as oil rigs) but is also responsible for a huge percentage of employment in the Maritime industry. Recently a Legislative Instrument was…

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New Visa application charges

From the 1 July 2013 the Department of immigration and citizenship have introduced new visa application charges for many of the visa subclasses.   Temporary visas applied for outside Australia   For all persons who apply for a visa to come to Australia temporarily such as for visits, study or work visas- the new visa…

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Update to changes for Skills occupations list to be implemented on 1 July 2014

What does a bricklayer, chef and tiler have in common? These three trades have a recognized skill shortage in Australia and have been officially added to the ‘Australia’s Skilled Occupation List.’ So what exactly does this mean for chefs, bricklayers and tilers? If a profession is listed on the Skilled Occupation List, it means that if a…

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