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Who determines skill shortages in Australia?

“Who determines skill shortages in Australia?” is a question we are often asked. When a profession has been added or removed from the skilled shortages recommendations, this inadvertently effects the skilled visa applicants who may be applying for that profession. The Australian government receives reports and recommendations from the Department of Employment which then go…

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China-Australia Free Trade Agreement helps protect Australia from share market crash

The world share market was thrown into chaos as China’s foreign exchange fell by $135.7 billion last month.  With the yuan being one of the most influential currencies around the world, the effect was felt around the world as nervous investors watched on. However, the interest in Australia as an investment opportunity has not faltered…

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Visas to be issued electronically from September 1st

In this age of technology and constant travel, the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection announced that they too are moving into the digital age. From the 1st of September 2015, visa labels will no longer be issued and will instead be replaced by an electronic alternative. The new digital system was designed to…

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Prime Minister clarifies confusion over Operation Fortitude

The media have been busy the past couple of days reporting on a press release submitted on behalf of the newly formed task force, the Australian Border Force (ABF).  The interest in this press release comes from the alleged ‘announcement’ that a new operation would take place on the streets of Melbourne using the combined forces…

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How do I move to Australia?

Moving to Australia is big decision.  Located in the Southern Hemisphere, many immigrants who decide to make the move to Australia are travelling a great distance so it’s important to be well informed.  There are many different aspects to consider once you have chosen Australia as your destination to start a new life. Choose a…

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Australian organisations help migrants integrate

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) recently announced that migrants who held permanent visas were twice as likely to find work than those who have arrived in the country as refugees. The figures released by the ABS have created a movement by some organisations to assist those who arrive in Australia as refugees to better…

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Why Australia needs foreign investors

Australian innovators are responsible for innovations and discoveries which service over 1,000,000,000 every day. These innovations include the Black Box, IVF, penicillin, WiFi, Cervical Cancer Vaccine, Ultrasound and the Bionic Ear. These innovations were developed by individuals, companies and research groups through the support of funding. However, the potential for more of these incredible innovations…

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Study Opportunities in Australia

Australia is the third most popular country in the world for international students.  The lifestyle, weather, diversity of attractions and of course the amount of opportunities to study, have put the country right at the top of the list of places international students want to visit.  From the available 1,100 learning institutions around Australia, international…

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What is the Australian Business Investment Visa?

The Australian Business Investment Visa stream has a range of different options available to foreign investors who are looking for opportunities to invest in Australian business and industry. The investment visas available are tailored towards three specific schemes: Investor Visa SC188 (B) Criteria and Permanent Visa Investor Stream SC888 (B) Significant Investor Stream SC188 Premium…

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New Brisbane Casino set to start employment boom for South East Queensland

Last month the Queensland government announced it had given approval to the Chinese Echo group for the $2 billion development of Brisbane’s Queen Street Wharf which was inclusive of Brisbane’s newest casino. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszcuk was excited to announce the winning proposal which was competing against James Packers Crown Casino group for the development.…

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