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Visa changes to assist Australian tourism and agriculture

There has always been a struggle amongst the agricultural and tourism industries with the restrictive terms of the existing Working Holiday (subclass 417) and Work and Holiday (subclass 462) visa holders.  In particular the region of Northern Australia is finding it difficult to compete for overseas workers when they are up against the bright lights…

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Why the ChAFTA is good for Australian business

Australia is one of the most popular countries for overseas investors and business people.  This is largely due to our acceptance of innovation and change in both the business sense and lifestyle.  In a country which regularly encounters turbulent weather patterns, the Australian culture of adapting to new environments – including corporate – is one…

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8-Year Study shows Australians support immigration

The results of a study by the Scanlon Foundation over the course of 8 years have shown Australians in a positive light when it comes to accepting immigration. The study was tailored around monitoring the overall behaviour of the Australian public towards immigrants whilst also documenting specific ideals around the overall bigger picture of immigrants…

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Australia makes the top ten for foreign investment

With technology increasing the ease of communication and information sharing between countries, it has become much more viable for investors to safely invest in companies and assets overseas. Australia has always been at the forefront of sustaining it’s industries and carefully monitoring the amount and mutual benefit of foreign investment into Australian business. This combination…

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Australian Visa’s to be capped and ceased

The Department of Immigration and Border Security have confirmed that the following skilled visa applications submitted for processing have been capped and ceased as of 22nd September 2015: Skilled Independent Migrant Visa (subclass 175) Skilled Sponsored Residence Visa (subclass 176) Regional Sponsored Visa (subclass 475) Applicants who have had their applications ceased will receive a…

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China Trade Agreement passes through parliament

It has been ten years in the making and today all of the hard work and negotiations between the parliaments of Australian and China could officially move forward with the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) being approved and passed through Australian parliament today. As with most major agreements, there was some request for amendments by…

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Australia-Cambodia Agreement signed for border security

One of the biggest and most publicized issues in Australian immigration, is the ongoing battle with people-smugglers arranging illegal means for foreigners to gain entry to another country.  Several days ago this issue became one step closer to gaining a resolve with the support of the Cambodian government. Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter…

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DIY Visa applications to Australia

Whilst many assume that a migration agent only assists those who require the full service from the initial application stage all the way through to the visa approval, our team at Mygration Pty Ltd understand that every application is different and everyone’s circumstances are different. Some of our clients only require assistance in certain points…

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Immigration Minister Mr Peter Dutton safe in cabinet reshuffle

When the leadership of Australia under Prime Minister Tony Abbott was challenged and won by Malcolm Turnbull last month, it was only a matter of days before the new cabinet in parliament house also received a reshuffle. The position of of Minister for Immigration and Border Protection was bestowed upon Mr Peter Dutton in 2014…

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Brazilian Football superstar receives Australian citizenship

Becoming an Australian Citizen is a big commitment and a very involved process so it’s always great to hear stories of people who have made the transition to make Australia their home.  Yesterday at a ceremony held in Brisbane, one of the city’s favourite adoptive sons, Henrique Andrade Silva received his Australian citizenship. Henrique holds…

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