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New Visa application charges

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From the 1 July 2013 the Department of immigration and citizenship have introduced new visa application charges for many of the visa subclasses.


Temporary visas applied for outside Australia


For all persons who apply for a visa to come to Australia temporarily such as for visits, study or work visas- the new visa table charges will apply to them.

• the base application charge

• an additional applicant charge

• a non-Internet application charge


If you apply for your first visa offshore and it is granted offshore (out of Australia), you will need to pay the new visa application charges provided by the Australian offshore application fees. If you have family members (partner and children) accompanying you, they cannot be included under the one visa fee for the application. Even though they will be included in the application as accompanying you, they will each have to pay their own individual fee which is provided on the new visa fee charges. If you decide to lodge the application as a paper application instead of an online application to your Embassy offshore, you will be charged an additional non-internet application fee. This fee structure is for first time applications made out of Australia.


Temporary visas applied for in Australia after 1 July 2013


Subsequent temporary application charge explained

If you arrive in Australia with a temporary visa listed in Table 2 and you wish to apply for another temporary visa listed in Table 1 before your first offshore granted visa expires, you will not be required to pay the subsequent visa charges of $700.00 per person.



If you hold a visa listed in Table 2 and this visa was granted/issued to you in Australia AND you want to apply for a visa listed in Table 1 while you are still in Australia, THEN you will be required to pay the additional subsequent visa charge of $700.00 per person in addition to:

• the base application charge for the visa you are applying for

• an additional applicant charge for any family member included

• a non-Internet application charge if you lodge a paper application


• The table 2 visa you are applying for is to add your new-born child to your current Table 2 visa that you hold

• The table 2 visa you are applying for is as a result of operation of Law for the following visas

o Special Persons visas

o Enforcement visas

o Absorbed Persons visas

o Ex citizen visas

• The table 2 visa you were issued with in Australia was granted by the Minister exercising his ministerial powers

• The Table 2 visa was granted without the applicant making an application (automatic)

Other Visa charge updates

For new visa fees please view the following link:

All applicants applying for the visas listed below will be subject to the base application charge/Additional applicant charge/non-internet application charge. The department of immigration will introduce other temporary visas over a period of time to which the new fees will apply.

155 Five year Resident Return Visa

157 Three month Resident Return Visa

417 Working Holiday

476 Skilled (Recognised Graduate)

485 Temporary Graduate

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