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New South Wales State Nominations Closed

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The New South Wales Government is committed to growing its economy and restoring growth by a number of initiatives including but not limited to attracting skilled and business migrants to reside, work and study.

Each year in accordance with skills on demand they allocate a number of occupations that are in need in the NSW. Through the migration skills select program the state nominates a select number of suitable applicants who meet criteria for State Nomination migration.

The NSW government has announced at the end of December that they have filled their quota for the 2013/2014 fiscal year for applicants wishing to apply for SC190 visas. They will resume accepting applications from July 2014. New list of occupations will be published at this time.

For other visa subclass nominations such as Business, Investments, and designated area temporary visas, the nominations for these subclass remain open until further notice.


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