New immigration laws result in New Zealanders being deported
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New immigration laws result in New Zealanders being deported

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As per the united agreement recently passed by both the Australian and New Zealand governments, New Zealand citizens entering Australia will have to pass a character test or risk their visas to Australia being cancelled. Yesterday the Australian Federal Government confirmed that 12 New Zealand citizens who were in Australia had their visas cancelled and were flown back to New Zealand on a chartered flight.

Typically when New Zealanders enter Australia they are issued with a Special Category Visa (SCV) on the condition that they meet several requirements including:

  • They meet certain health requirements
  • Meet specific character requirements
  • Have declared any serious criminal convictions

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton assured that only New Zealanders who fail character tests would the recent deportation of the 12 individuals has been the result of an agreement between both countries. “The first 12 people that have had their visas cancelled under Section 501 of the (Migration Act), so they’ve failed the character test, they’ve gone back to New Zealand.” Mr Dutton told Macquarie Radio.

To fail the character test under the SCV a serious offense must be committed, such as an offense against a child. If the offense is deemed of bad character then the visa holder will either deported immediately or held in a detention centre until the processing is completed, and then returned to New Zealand.

As with any visa, each case is assessed individually and circumstances are taken into consideration.

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